Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fabric Sunflower Barrettes!

I just made these cute fabric flower barrettes for my girls to wear to my sister's wedding. they turned out great. well, the glue is still drying. but they look awesome! They could either be used as barrettes in their hair or as broaches for their dresses.

I got the idea from this really cool flower made out of book pages:

 And... here they are!

You will need:
          Thin Cardboard (cereal box)
          Yellow Fabric
          Fabric Glue
          Small Fluffy Feathers (i used feather bracelets because they were cheaper than buying a whole boa)
          Distressing ink (brown)

And, here is what i did:

Step 1. Cut out some cardboard from a cereal box into a circle the diameter i wanted the center of the flower. I then traced the circle onto some yellow fabric, cut out the fabric and glued it to the cardboard circle.

Step 2. Cut your yellow fabric into 1" squares. it took me 15 for one flower and 13 for the other.

Step 3. Roll the fabric squares around your finger. at this point they look like bugles (those fun chip things you used to stick on your finger and pretend they were really long nails) use fabric glue to seal the overlapping edge together.

Step 4. put a dab of glue on the back pointed edge and adhere it to the fabric covered that only the point is touching the circle. Continue rolling and gluing until you've completely gone around the circumference of the circle.

Step 5. Cut your feather band into two strips slightly shorter than the diameter of the circle. Fill the center of your flower with a somewhat heavy layer of glue and place your feather pieces onto the center.

Step 6. While the glue is still damp, slide the bottom side of the clip in between the cardboard and the fabric. when it dries it will be stuck pretty hard.

Step 7. Use distressing ink on a sponge to shade the edges of the petals. (you might want to wait until it's dry, i didn't and it was difficult to keep the petals from pulling away from the flower).

I might use glitter nail polish to finish the edges. or just let them fray.

Let me know what you think!