Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Frustrated Shopper

so this post has nothing to do with anything much except for just a rant about customer service!

I was at walmart today. I had to pick up my prescription and just needed to get the kids out of the house. they said it would be about 45 minutes to an hour before I could pick it up. (which is ridiculous because all they have to do is put the darn pills in the package) so, the kids and I did some shopping. After about 45 minutes we returned to see a huge line. So, I figured we'd just wait for the line to die down and walk around some more. 10 minutes later the kids were getting fussy, so we just decided to wait in the STILL huge line.

10 minutes later with kids screaming and everyone in line getting frustrated with me... it was my turn. The pharmacist got my script and I said "I have a few other purchases and I don't want to have to wait in line twice with my kids." she said "ok" and started to ring me up. I asked for a pen and she stopped. she said "since you are writing a check and have other purchases, why don't you go up to the front and pay for it all together?" I was like, "EXCUSE ME?!" she said "i have a really long line." I thought to myself "DUH, I was just standing in it for like 10 minutes with my kids! i do NOT want to do that again at the registers, you are ALREADY ringing me up lady. i UNDERSTAND that you are being inconvenienced, but HELLO so is everyone in line who has to wait with me...." I mean, come on. I am in no way saying that a lady with kids needs special treatment, but only a month ago I paid for more stuff at this register than just my script, I also wrote a check, and just because you have a long line means I do not have that right any more?? I'm sure that everyone in line with me will agree that my kids just need to get out of here.

So, I didn't put up a fight. instead I bottled it all up inside me. I almost stopped at customer service and complained, but that would only defeat the purpose of getting through the line quickly and getting my kids out of there. But, I think that when I'm done venting about it here, I will write the store and make sure they know how horrible their customer service sucked today. I hope they do better in the future. Not only look out for the efficiency of the pharmacy, but also of the customers. After all, isn't the customer supposed to come first??


  1. Uhhh... you were at Walmart... what do you expect? I would have been very irritated if someone in a long line, with or without cranky kids, tried to make my wait even longer by ringing up additional purchases. Sorry kiddo... next time, use the drive through! (Talk to me in a year, I might change my mind.)

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